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Books on Indigenous Culture That You Can Read as a Family

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The easiest way to learn about and connect with Indigenous culture and art is to read books written by Indigenous authors and artists! There are so many beautifully illustrated and important learning tools through books and we are here to share a few of our favourites with you. Our friends at Lavender and Play, the children’s boutique located in the same building as our school, sells many of these books. We also encourage supporting local Indigenous-owned bookstores or businesses.

Phyllis’s Orange Shirt - Phyllis Webstad

We All Count - Julie Flett

I Sang You Down From The Stars - Tasha Spillett-Sumner

The Sharing Circle - Theresa Meuse and Arthur Stevens

We Are The Water Protectors - Carole Lindstrom

Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer

Fatty Legs - Margaret Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton

I Lost My Talk - Rita Joe & Pauline Young

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