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Sage and Sunshine School provides a supportive educational environment where children feel like important members of their community. Indigenous knowledge is highly valued and braided into everything we learn so children become full of knowledge to share with future generations and the confidence to make changes for a better world.


Revitalizing Language & Culture

Sage and Sunshine School is dedicated to helping revitalize Indigenous language and culture. There are very few fluent speakers left and most are elders. I am not a fluent speaker but I do what I can to ensure our beautiful language and culture do not disappear forever. I am passionate about learning and sharing. I will do everything I can to connect children to their roots to grow up strong, healthy, and full of knowledge to share for generations to come. 


Wellbeing of Child, Family, and Community

Sage and Sunshine School believes in supporting the overall well-being of children, their families, and communities. We provide a unique educational experience that honours Indigenous language, teachings, traditions and cultures, healing through belonging and empowerment and providing a space for truth and reconciliation. 


7 Grandfather Teachings

Wisdom is to cherish knowledge shared with us and use our own gifts and talents to support others.

Love is to accept ourselves and others as we are. Give and receive love freely. 

Respect is honouring all creation, treating others how we would like to be treated, being generous, and being careful not to waste.

Bravery is facing challenges with integrity.

Honesty is being true to yourself and others. Being trustworthy.

Humility is knowing yourself as a sacred part of creation and that we are all equal. 

Truth is to know all these things are true.

7 Generation Principle

Sage and Sunshine School acknowledges the 7 generations before us who did what they could to ensure our sustainability, health, happiness, and success. We now have the honour and responsibility to make all our choices for the next 7 generations. (A Haudenasounee Philosophy) 


Sage and Sunshine School is the only school in Peterborough, Ontario, providing full-day Indigenous culture-based education for Indigenous students and their allies. We serve families with children aged 4-10 growing each year to ensure consistency and build strong relationships and community. We provide a supportive, encouraging, and safe environment to learn. We work together with students and families to create realistic academic goals focusing on children’s unique strengths and previously mastered skills. We offer an extended-day program and day camps to support families’ childcare needs. Elders, Knowledge Keepers and cultural workshops are invited into our program to enrich children’s education experience. Teachers continue to develop skills and knowledge through professional development and workshops to offer the highest quality programming.

Land Acknowledgement

Sage and Sunshine School is located in Nogojiwanong "place at the end of the rapids" on  Treaty 20  Anishinaabeg Michi Saagiig Territory and in the traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig and Chippewa Nations, collectively known as The Williams Treaties. Our presence here connects us to Curve Lake, Hiawatha, Alderville, Scugog Island, Rama, Beausoleil, and Georgina Island First Nations. With that, we have a responsibility to nurture respectful relationships with these communities, their peoples, teachings, ceremonies, language, and traditions. We acknowledge their ancestors who have lived on this land since time immemorial as well as their future generations. They are the original caretakers of this land and carry so much wisdom to learn from. We acknowledge that we are learning, working, and growing on this unceded land and give thanks for the many opportunities this privilege provides us.Miigwech Miigwech, Miigwech

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