'Little Garden' 
(Age 4-5)

Children will learn with the support and comfort of their siblings and community close by. They will learn naturally through play and exploration of their environment. They will learn through observations and interactions with other children and their teacher. Children will have access to age-appropriate books and toys as well as hands-on learning supplies including culture-specific resources to support exploration of early math, science, and literacy concepts. Children will have access to Anishinaabemowin and other cultural teachings and activities to enhance their learning and their identity formation.

'Little Seeds' 
(Age 6-9) 

Children will learn the Ontario Curriculum at their own pace, building on previously mastered skills to build confidence. Children will use their own unique strengths and interests to enhance learning opportunities. Children will be positively encouraged and supported to set realistic goals and work towards them. Children will take pride in being positive role models and leaders for younger children in the class. Children will have access to basic Anishinaabemowin and other cultural teachings and activities to enhance their education and cultural identity.

grandfather rock blocks.jpg


All children will have access to basic Anishinaabemowin /Ojibwe language daily. During our morning Biindigin (Welcome!) routine, we will practice, introductions, counting, calendar, weather, and body parts vocabulary through smudging.  We will also have 'words of the week' which will be relevant to children's interests, time of year or what we are currently learning about. 

Indigenous Culture

Children will take part in cultural practices such as smudging, 7 grandfather teachings, medicine wheel teachings, drumming, dancing, and singing. Children will have access to many cultural resources such as books, toys, music, and games every day.

Knowledge Keepers

We will regularly welcome Elders and other Knowledge Keepers virtually or in-person when/how it is safe to do so. 


Health & Safety

Covid-19 has put many struggles before our community, therefore now more than ever we are aware of concerns that parents may have and are dedicated to providing the safest possible program through excellent health and safety policies and procedures and limited exposure by providing low numbers and children from the same families.