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How is our Indigenous Culture-Based Private School Different From Public School?

Curious to know how our culture-based private school education is different from public school education in Ontario? There are many things that make us unique!

Sage and Sunshine Culture-Based Private School is the only school in Peterborough ON, providing daily, full-day culture-based education for Urban Indigenous children.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a supportive, encouraging, and safe environment to learn in.

  • Working together with families to create realistic academic goals that focus on the child’s unique strengths and builds on previously mastered skills.

  • Allowing children to reach their highest potential while connecting back to their culture through language and cultural teachings.

  • Offering an extended-day program to support families before and after school childcare needs

  • Providing the safest possible program through excellent health and safety policies and procedures and limited exposure to covid-19 by providing low class numbers and children from the same families.

Children will learn:

  • By naturally playing in and exploring their environment.

  • Through observations and interactions with other children and their teacher.

  • With access to age-appropriate books and toys, as well as hands-on learning supplies including culture-specific resources to support exploration of early math, science, and literacy concepts.

  • With access to Anishinaabemowin and other cultural teachings and activities to enhance their learning and their identity formation.

  • From ages 6-9, with the Ontario Curriculum at their own pace, building on previously mastered skills to build confidence.

If you’d like more information on our programs, please email Ashley directly at

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