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How to Support Indigenous Communities in Ontario

Are you looking for ways to support Indigenous communities in your area? The pandemic might be affecting how we can volunteer physically so we’ve come up with some ways in which you can support Indigenous people in Ontario.

  1. Support Indigenous-owned businesses in your area. A simple google search will help you narrow down where to shop to support an Indigenous entrepreneur. You can also check out this link for Indigenous businesses in Ontario.

  2. Understand and respect the land you live on by creating your land acknowledgement. See our blog for a more detailed how-to.

  3. Donate to any number of charities that are supporting Residential School Survivors. Like the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

  4. Support Indigenous makers and educators on social media. And don’t expect free labour from an Indigenous educator.

  5. Read books and articles written by Indigenous authors. Try Braiding Sweetgrass, One Drum or Turtle Island, to start.

  6. Support Indigenous art. There are many local makers (beading, artists, sculptors, moccasins) in the Peterborough/Kawartha area.

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