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Small Things You Can do Everyday to Encourage Respect For Indigenous Culture in Canada

Creating practices and habits that show respect to the earth we live on is an important way to reconnect with our roots and acknowledge our privilege as settlers in Canada.

Here are a few things you can do everyday to encourage respect for Indigenous Culture and communities in your world:

  1. Respect the earth by picking up garbage along your walk, and avoid littering. Reuse, recycle and repair.

  2. Buy from Indigneous businesses and makers. Support local artists.

  3. Set up a monthly contribution to the IRSSS.

  4. Learn one new Ojibwe word everyday.

  5. Read an Indigenous-written book as a family.

  6. Explore Indigenous music.

  7. Buy an Indigenous piece of art for your home.

  8. Plant a garden or a tree as a way to share your love for your planet.

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