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Are Orange Shirt Day and Truth and Reconcilliation Day the same thing?

No. Even though they are on the same day (September 30th) they are different:

Orange Shirt Day is a day to honour Residential "School" Survivors and Children who never made it home.

National Truth and Reconciliation Day is a day to take action toward healing the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people specifically on the top half of this turtle's back (Canada) lol.

Gichi-Miigwech to all our allies including these adorable people in the photo: Sarah, Sonja, Mia, and Milo, for all the work you do learning the truth about the inequality that Indigenous people face and helping to change beliefs and systems that have been keeping it unfair. Your support means so much to us!

Orange Shirt Day 2022

Here are 5 ways you can continue with this work:

1. Learn the 94 Calls to Action created by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and choose one to work on.

2. Stand up for the rights and equality of Indigenous people/challenge systems and beliefs that perpetuate inequality.

3. Support Indigenous people, families, communities, organizations, and businesses

4. Educate yourself and others to understand why Indigenous people are still at an extreme disadvantage.

5. Read books by Indigenous Authors

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