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Back to School for First-Timers

If you have a child starting school this year you may have started feeling the feelings that go with that or they may sneak up on you at that first drop-off (which is what happened to me at my first school drop-off) I have put together a list of 6 things I have observed over the years working with children and then I'll tell you about the time I fell apart at the bus stop on day one.

Starting school is a big deal!

Here are some things I think I know:

  1. It's harder for the parents

  2. It's easier to do a quick drop-off (help them put their things away in their cubby and do your hugs and kisses or however you say goodbye.)

  3. The longer you stay the more they can sense you are nervous and then they will likely react to it. 

  4. Its okay to feel all the feelings take a break in your car before you go if you need to (you won't be the only one). 

  5. If you still feel worried/nervous later in the day and you have a messaging app to communicate with the teacher send them a message. If not, call the office and ask to speak to their teacher. They will get back to you when they get a chance.

  6. Day 3 is the hardest day for the child. I don't know the science behind it but I've experienced it consistently over the years. 

My children's first days of school. Nikkita 2012, Max 2017, Bear 2021

When my first child was starting Junior Kindergarten I thought I was ready. She had been to daycare full time since she was 10 months - I thought "What's the difference?" but then I put her on the bus, waved to her and then all of a sudden I started crying (an embarrassingly amount lol). My little eager, independent daughter off on her own! I cried a lot that day but I made it through. Now she is 15 going into her second year of high school and her schools/teachers have never lost or hurt her. In fact, they have been nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout her education.

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