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Word Teacher Day

HAPPY WORLD TEACHER DAY!! to all the educators out there!

I knew I spent a lot of time working so out of curiosity I calculated just how much.

Here are my weekly results:

59 Hours - Administration, finance, lesson planning, teaching, and cleaning for Sage and Sunshine school.

56 Hours - sleeping

53 Hours - Taking care of my home and family, and spending time with my friends and in my community.

Although I was a little disappointed that "Work" gets the most attention from me it's okay because is not just work to me this is my dream. I want Indigenous children, their families, and their communities to have access to their culture, traditional knowledge, ceremonies, and a supportive community and I want my students to have a learning environment that focuses on their individual needs.

On world teacher day I would like to thank everyone who supports my new teaching journey:

  • My husband who believes in me, encourages me, picks up my slack at home when I am busy with school, sacrifices time with me to support my dream, and knows and reminds me when I need a break.

  • -My children who share me with the other students every day. I am so thankful that they are able to receive an education that values traditional knowledge and allows them to practice their culture every day so they can share this knowledge with future generations.

  • -My students who I learn from every day. They keep me motivated and inspired. They make my job fun and my work meaningful and rewarding.

  • -Our families who show their support and have been so patient and understanding as I learn all the ins and outs of running a school and teaching.

  • -Our community. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to our community for all their support. It is amazing to see that I share the passion to bring back Indigenous traditional knowledge and ways of being to our children with so many other people. Your kindness, generosity, and sharing of knowledge are invaluable and I wouldn't have been able to do this work without you!

I have always appreciated my children's teachers but since opening this school in 2021 I have a whole new appreciation for you all!

Gichi Miigwech!!!! ☀️

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